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99% of the time my brain is thinking blah, meh, why, huh, WTF, food and computers, All Time Low, Smosh and The other 1% I'm usually asleep.

Im Danielle, if you didnt know haha :) Born and raised in Coloma Michigan! If i had to describe me i would use the term Awesome! Or weird which ever works for you! I hate not being myself around people! its just not me :) I may be shy at first but when i warm up to you ill never shut up. I think im funny, just saying! I hate mean people, sorry mean people. Ive been called too nice and forgiving, but hey i rather be nice then mean! i love people! i love video games, youtube and smosh too! I try my best to be a good person but i feel like my lazyness gets in the way sometimes:)

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when ur tryin to tell a story but people talk over you


  • Me: Where are the owls? WHERE ARE THE OWLS?
  • Hooters Waitress: Please sir, you're causing a fuss and disturbing the other customers-
  • Me: *banging my hands rhythmically on the table* WHERE-ARE-THE-OWLS? WHERE-ARE-THE-OWLS? WHERE ARE THE OWLS?


Teen quotes


Ryan singing the X-Ray and Vav theme song as accurately as possible. 

Yeah, we’re like The Avengers.


He was number 1.